Anwar Hadid Gets A Tattoo Of A Bulldog On His Back

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There has been a significant change in how people of all professions have accepted tattoos in recent years. Due to this, getting ink has become increasingly popular, which is reshaping the industry and leading to an increase in demand for tattoo artists.

It is surprising to see models who have stayed away from permanent marks on their bodies for generations embracing the tattoo trend as it becomes more mainstream. As a social media influencer and model at IMG agency, Anwar Hadid seems addicted to tattoos. This is evidenced by the recent tattoo he had on his right back in the form of a bulldog.

In An Instagram Post, Anwar Hadid Showed Off His New Tattoo

The famous American model and social media influencer Anwar Hadid has shown his love for tattoos on more than one occasion and has done it again. There has been a recent photo posted on the singer’s Instagram account showing a bulldog face tattoo on his back.

There is nothing in the caption to the picture that Anwar includes with the concept, but he has tagged the famous tattoo artist with the image in the caption. Having seen the tag on his recent tattoo, it appears that the tattoo he showed off was created by Shon Lindauer, an artist renowned for the way he establishes traditional tattoos that contain both words and images.

Anwar’s bulldog tattoo was also captured in a short video that Shon Lindauer shared along with a caption that reads, “Bulldog on my brother @anwarhadid”

There is a lot of excitement among their friends and family of Anwar about his new tattoo.

The Tattoos On Anwar’s Body Are Mostly Religious

While Anwar Hadid has a paternal heritage strongly associated with Islam, he also revealed on Instagram in 2019 that he had been Christianized on a beach in Malibu. There are also posts by Anwar which confirm that he has now been reconciled to Christianity as some of his posts confirm.

He also has a cross tattoo on his back and the words “PSALM 23”, in addition to the four different bible verses he has tattooed on his back. But, from what he said in an interview that he conducted in 2019, it is clear that Hadid doesn’t let his religion define him or his relationships with his family, regardless of which religion he practices.

Even Anwar’s Meaningless Tattoos Have A Meaning

Even though Anwar Hadid has expressed that he loves getting tattoos, he has stated that he does not always have a meaning behind his tattoos, even though he loves to get them. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine in 2019, Hadid said, “I have so many weird tattoos that at one point meant something to me, but no longer do.”

There are a couple of tattoos on his right leg, including a lightbulb tattoo under his right eye and a mysterious tattoo on his hip that could cause this sentiment.

It isn’t clear which tattoos on Hadid’s body have lost their significance for him, but he still enjoys all of his tattoos despite the loss of meaning. “I find it so beautiful that at one point, I could have cared about something so much to have gotten it tattooed on my body,” he said with great conviction. “I have to respect who I was at that moment. For me, these are reminders — [the way] a scent can be a reminder of a time in your life.”

To expand Anwar’s tattoo collection, a new tattoo has been added. Is it your opinion that the new tattoo on his back is good? Comment below with your thoughts on it.

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