Autumn Concert in Sotogrande attracts professional musicians

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AUTUMN Concert in Sotogrande attracts professional musicians from Ireland who will take part in Big Sing 5.

For the fifth time the Anglican Chaplaincy of the Costa del Sol West and a group of Irish musicians from NIA ( come together to present Big Sing 5.

It will take place in the Church of Nuestra Sra de la Merced, Sotogrande from 7.30pm on Saturday October 15.

As in previous years the programme contains both secular/sacred and classical/modern pieces and will feature solo performances by Sylvia Burnside (, Rebekah Durston ( and Steph Devlin, a new and upcoming talent with NIA which is a UK registered charity.

Entrance to the concert which will last an hour and three quarters is by donation of €10, with proceeds going to the local charities supported by the church.

10 New Irish singers/musicians will come this autumn and best of all, if you are a singer, you can join the specially formed choir for the day by registering at by October 11.

There are no practices in advance of the day and music will be sent electronically to those who register so they can see the programme in advance, but all will be required to attend the workshop on the afternoon of the concert.

The format is after the BBC Songs of Praise Albert Hall design and is partly audience participatory.

If you would like further details about the concert itself or about registering to sing, please contact [email protected] in the first instance.

The New Irish musicians have also been given a slot at a concert on the evening of Friday October 14 in Algeciras Bullring.

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