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Batman is Being Put on Public Trial

Batman is Being Put on Public Trial #Batman #Put #Public #Trial Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Batman is headed to court in Detective Comics, and judging by the supernatural elements present in writer Ram V’s new tenure on the book, the Dark Knight’s ultimate judgment will be dark and disturbing.

Speaking during an interview with CBR at San Diego Comic-Con, V was asked about any upcoming moments in his Detective Comics run he can’t wait for fans to see. “There is going to be a public trial of Batman, which is going to play out very interestingly in the book, so stay tuned,” V answered.

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The jury is still out on why Batman ends up in a public court or how he will be judged, but V and artist Rafael Albuquerque’s “Gotham Nocturne” story, which kicked off in Detective Comics #1062, has already seen the Dark Knight fighting demons in Gotham City and confronting the reality that he may be slowing down with age. Unusual visitors with eerie eyes and teams of unearthly killers at their beck and call also appeared in Detective Comics #1062. Known as the Orghams, these beings hail from a mysterious place called Coronis and appear to possess a deed to the ownership of Gotham.

This is far from the first time that Batman has been forced into a courtroom. Notably, Batman: The Animated Series had an episode titled “Trial” which showcased the most villains out of any episode of the show. Kidnapped by the likes of Harley Quinn, the Joker, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and the Ventriloquist, Batman was forced to stand trial in Arkham Asylum for perceived crimes against Gotham’s criminal underworld. His only ally was District Attorney Janet Van Dorn, who was ardently against vigilante activities in Gotham until the experience of defending Batman proved her otherwise.

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In his civilian identity as Bruce Wayne, Batman was also declared guilty for the murder of Gotham talk show host Vesper Fairchild in the “Bruce Wayne: Murderer” story arc that ran through the Batman books in 2002. While he was actually framed by Lex Luthor, Bruce broke out of prison and eventually cleared his name, but the vast majority of Gotham — and even some members of the Bat Family — believed him guilty.

Detective Comics #1062, written by V and illustrated by Albuquerque, also features colors by Dave Stewart, letters by Ariana Maher, covers by Evan Cagle, Lee Bermejo, J.H. Williams III and Inhyuk Lee, and a backup story written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Dani. Batman artwork featured in this article comes from Mico Suayan’s Detective Comics #1000 variant cover. Detective Comics #1062 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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