Brittany Jade Pranks her Children About Having a Deceased Sibling, Faces Backlash

Brittany Jade Pranks her Children About Having a Deceased Sibling, Faces Backlash #Brittany #Jade #Pranks #Children #Deceased #Sibling #Faces #Backlash Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Brittany Jade is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The influencer who enjoys massive popularity on TikTok and Instagram has sparked controversy after sharing a prank video that did not go down well with social media users.

The TikToker apparently made a prank video with her husband, Wyland, in which they lied about having a deceased child. Continue reading to know what the video was all about and why the couple chose to stage such a prank.

Brittany and Wyland Lied to their Children About Their Deceased Sibling

In the now-deleted video, which has been reshared by multiple other users, the couple was seen in a car with their kids. At one point in the footage, they tell their twins that they had a triplet who died young.

The couple claimed that they staged the prank to win a free Royal Caribbean cruise trip. But a source has revealed that the couple was actually following a TikTok trend in which people prank others with a fake story to see how they react and record the whole situation.

The video featured the couple telling their sons that they are trying to win a cruise trip and they should just go along with whatever their mother says. Brittany then says to the viewers, “We are entering to win your Royal Caribbean cruise for Levi and Cove’s birthday next month. And why we think we should be chosen to win is because they’ve been through a lot. … When they were born, they had a triplet brother, who they lost.”

“They really miss their brother, and it has caused them great emotional stress throughout their childhood grieving their triplet brother who they lost … in the womb.” she added, to which one of the boys replied, “Dad, we don’t have a brother.”

Wyland then says, “I know and that’s the unfortunate part because we lost him so young.” One of the twins then asks, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about?” Brittany says, “Your triplet” and “Lawrence,” adds her husband.

The Couple Faced a lot of Social Media Backlash

Social media users were clearly unhappy with the clip and slammed the couple for faking a tragedy and using a sensitive matter to force their children to play along. “Oooof this is bad. She joked about having a dead child?? Sometimes I’ve thought the criticism on her was a bit much but this just changed my mind,” wrote a user.

“If y’all still supporting #BrittanyJade after this…. I’m not for cancel culture but this was soo cruel. She needs to learn from this,” tweeted another user. “As someone who experienced this, I can’t imagine why you ever thought it would be funny,” said another viewer.

Brittany and Wyland Issued an Apology

Soon after receiving flack, the couple issued an apology on TikTok, saying that they realised their ‘big mistake’ just ‘10 minutes’ after posting the video. Brittany then added, “We are extremely sorry to those who were hurt, triggered or offended by the context of that video,” and the video was “a mistake that (they) will learn and grow from”.

The couple has now made their accounts private on TikTok and Instagram, so only their followers will be able to see their content.

What are your views about the whole prank and backlash? Tell us in the comments section.

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