Check your WhatsApp NOW – your messages could be at risk

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WHATSAPP is among the world’s most private messaging services, shielding your texts from snoopers using end-to-end encryption.

It’s important to make sure that encryption is switched on so that hackers can’t snoop on your texts in transit.

Make sure your chats are encrypted on WhatsApp


Make sure your chats are encrypted on WhatsAppCredit: Getty

If an unencrypted message is remotely intercepted as it’s sent, it will be visible in plain text to a hacker.

But an encrypted message would be totally jumbled and impossible to translate.

WhatsApp makes it so that only the sender and recipient have the digital key required to read the message.

And each new conversation with a different person generates a fresh set of keys.

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“End-to-end encrypted chats have their own security code used to verify that the calls and the messages you send to that chat are end-to-end encrypted,” said WhatsApp.

“This code can be found in the contact info screen, both as a QR code and a 60-digit number.

“These codes are unique to each chat and can be compared between people in each chat to verify that the messages you send to the chat are end-to-end encrypted.

“Security codes are just visible versions of the special key shared between you – and don’t worry, it’s not the actual key itself, that’s always kept secret.”

How to check if your WhatsApp texts are encrypted

To verify end-to-end encryption, open your chat with someone and then tap on their name.

This will open the contact info screen, where you can then choose Encryption.

You’ll be able to see a QR code and a 60-digit number.

If you’re physically with the other person, one of you can scan the other’s QR code.

Alternatively, you can visually compare the number on screen.

If you use the scanning method, a green tick will appear to confirm encryption.

This “match” means no one can intercept your messages or calls.

If you’re far away from someone, you could simply send them the 60-digit number to verify.

Chats that aren’t encrypted could mean you’re using a hacked version of WhatsApp, you’re verifying wrong, a chat with a person isn’t encrypted due to out-of-date software, or that your phone has been compromised.

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