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Checking in on China’s venture scene as Q3 rolls along – TechCrunch #Checking #Chinas #venture #scene #rolls #TechCrunch Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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China’s economy is going through it. From near-zero growth in the second quarter and abandoned economic targets to continued COVID-19 lockdowns, a power crunch, a housing crisis, concerns about the strength of its domestic currency, water shortages, high youth unemployment, and more, it’s a tough mix for the world’s second-largest economy – even without mentioning a background loaded with geopolitical tensions.

We want to know how the litany of issues is impacting Chinese startups. It would be easy to presume that China’s tech upstarts are struggling. After all, performance data from major Chinese tech companies in recent months has been anything but encouraging. (This morning’s news that there is some movement on the issue of auditing Chinese companies listed in the United States, perhaps preventing a wave of delistings, is welcome if non-immediate positive change; we are monitoring the matter.)

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