Chipotle Employee Slams “Cheap” Burrito Hack in Viral TikTok

Chipotle Employee Slams “Cheap” Burrito Hack in Viral TikTok #Chipotle #Employee #Slams #Cheap #Burrito #Hack #Viral #TikTok Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Chipotle, the popular Mexican-inspired fare franchise has had its price hikes lambasted well before the COVID-19 pandemic, which have only seemed to spike higher following the 2020 outbreak of the virus. Many customers have criticized Chipotle for charging them more money for less food, which has forced devotees of the brand to find creative solutions in paying less money for their meals, like this popular TikTok hack.

But employees at the chain are firing back at this ordering methodology, like TikToker @christinamaeeeee (we’ll refer to her as Christina for clarity in this piece.)

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