Devi Gets a New ‘Hot’ Suitor in Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer

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Devi Vishwakumar is back! Netflix dropped the official trailer of the third season of Never Have I Ever on Wednesday, and it seems like another fun-filled journey for the audience.

The trailer shows the aftermath of Devi and Paxton finally getting into a relationship, as the couple goes through some new ups and downs. And of course, it also teases plenty of Devi’s usual antics. Continue reading to watch the trailer and know more exciting details about the new season.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer Teases a New Potential Suitor for Devi

The trailer opens with Devi and Paxton walking hand in hand across the school hallway as they grab all the limelight from fellow students. But Devi soon finds out that having Paxton as a boyfriend has its negative impact too, as she is now being envied by almost every other girl at her school.

“The debut of ‘Daxton’ was unreal. Your social status has skyrocketed so much that now people hate you,” says her friend Eleanor. The trailer then features some steamy make-out scenes between Paxton and Devi, which are interrupted by Devi’s shirt getting caught on her head as she tries to to take it off.

“It’s believable that we’re together, right?” Devi asks her friends as she feels a bit insecure about her relationship. In another scene, Paxton is seen confessing to her, “I like you,” to which she replies, “Yeah, but why? No one else thinks we make any sense.”

The trailer also shows Devi’s bond with Ben Gross. And if the whole Paxton-Devi-Ben triangle of the previous season was not enough, the show now has another potential suitor for Devi. “That’s so hot,” says Devi’s cousin Kamala about the new teen as Nalini Vishwakumar agrees with, “Extremely hot!”

The season will release on Netflix on August 12, 2022. Watch the trailer below.

The Show will go on for Two More Seasons

Never Have I Ever was renewed for a fourth and last season in March this year. The show’s creator Mindy Kailing talked about ending the show after four seasons and said, “Four seasons for a high school show felt like it made sense. They can’t be in high school forever. We’ve seen those shows. Like, you’ve been in high school for 12 years. What is going on here?”

“Also, the actors get older and it starts looking insane that a 34-year-old is playing a 15-year-old,” she added.

The first season of the show premiered in April 2020, and was praised as a watershed moment for South Asian representation in Hollywood. The series also got positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Cast

The new season will see the previous season’s stars reprising their roles. These include, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumarr, Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida,Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross, Richa Moorjani as Kamala Nandiwadal, Ramona Young as Eleanor Wong and Lee Rodriguez as Fabiola Torres.

On Wednesday, it was announced that two actors, Terry Hu and Deacon Phillippe, would be joining the show’s cast for the third season.

Will you be watching the new season of the teen comedy-drama? Let us know in the comments section.

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