El Paso resident born in the U.K. remembers Queen Elizabeth II

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EL PASO, Texas — As the world continues to react to the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, some El Pasoans are also weighing in.

Anton Conlon was born in the United Kingdom, and he previously lived in London. He now lives in El Paso.

Conlon weighed in on the queen’s death and her life. He said he will remember the queen’s qualities and her leadership the most.

“I think she showed a lot of leadership especially where a lot of people didn’t show the leadership she did and the loyalty to the country. She was not only giving guidance to prime ministers, 15 of them, but also to the nation as a whole,” Conlon said.

He told ABC-7 he was able to see the queen twice in person, memories that live on with him years later.

Conlon said her work was unmatched. “She did that role and that job so much better than all the people before her and I am pretty sure so many people after her as well,” he said.

He said he is hopeful the nation will be in good hands under King Charles III.

“I think King Charles III has a huge legacy that he follows. He has already shown a lot of respect for nature and animals. He has a huge family to guide also and hopefully he can do half the job that Queen Elizabeth did, I think he will do well,” he said.

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