Fabens ISD working on filling gaps from pandemic this school year

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FABENS, Texas — It’s been “smooth sailing” for one of the smallest district in the county so far this school year. Fabens ISD has almost 2,000 students and this year the district is working on filling in gaps brought on by the pandemic including learning gaps.

This year the district is aiming to zero in on those english and language arts lessons something Dr. Veronica Vijil, superintendent, says some students struggled with during last years star test.

The district is expanding its intellectual preparation process program which is basically an instructional method used for 4th through 8th graders to all primary and secondary students.

Fabens ISD is planning to expand it’s electronic sports or e-sports program for high schoolers, and its dual language program

One challenge, they’re not dealing with — teacher shortage.

This year the district is working to be proactive, expanding early college and career technical programs including one that allows high school students to become instructional aids in the classroom.

The district is also expanding its student teacher program allowing them to help in the classroom for the entire school year instead of one semester.

Besides that, one big challenge that’s top of mind is safety right now the district only has school resource officers at three of its four campuses and is looking for grant opportunities to bring another on.

One of the biggest goals for the district is expanding broadband width. Dr. Vigil said the district continues to apply for more grants to and are waiting on some funding to make that a reality.

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