Here’s How To Get $3 Movie Tickets On National Cinema Day

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With Labor Day weekend upon us, theater chains across the country are jumping on board the first ever National Cinema Day. On September 3, the newly-launched event will give audiences a chance to experience the thrill of the theatrical experience for only three dollars. AMC, Regal, and other nationwide chains are treating the event as a “Thank You” to audiences who’ve flocked back to theaters despite pandemic shutdowns nearly killing the whole industry.

After a wobbly start in October 2021, the industry has already seen massive blockbusters reel in pre-pandemic numbers, and Top Gun: Maverick has been an overwhelming success as it continues to break records. Theater chains are, obviously, grateful to see those kind of numbers, and now, they want to make sure everyone knows how awesome the theater experience can be, which is where the discounted tickets come in.


“It’s an opportunity [for moviegoers] to see a movie again, or see a movie that they were maybe on the fence about,” she says. “For people who haven’t come [to the movies in a while], this gives them an opportunity to see how great movie theaters are.”

The flat $3 price for any movie in any format is also meant to encourage moviegoers to check out premium formats such as Dolby and IMAX.

As for how to take part in National Cinema Day, that’s the easiest part. On Saturday, September 3, just show up at your local participating box office or order tickets online (for a showing on that day) and the price of admission is only three bucks. Taxes and online processing fees will still apply — and the price of popcorn — but that’s a pretty cheap price for a movie ticket especially if you’re going all-out for an IMAX showing.

For a full list of participating theaters, click here.

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