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Here’s Why Prince William Is Not Automatically ‘Prince of Wales’ After Charles Became King

Here’s Why Prince William Is Not Automatically ‘Prince of Wales’ After Charles Became King #Heres #Prince #William #Automatically #Prince #Wales #Charles #King Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Prince William gained a new title after his father Charles became the King of England, but he did not automatically inherit his dad’s Prince of Wales title.

The 40-year-old royal and his wife Kate Middleton are now known as The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

Charles previously held the title of Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales. So, why isn’t William automatically the Prince of Wales too?

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“Prince of Wales” is a title that is traditionally given to the heir apparent, but it must be granted by the sovereign. It’s not a title that can be inherited.

When King Charles became the king on Thursday (September 8), the title of “Prince of Wales” entered a period of time where it ceases to exist. No one will hold the title until Charles decides to bestow the title to William.

It’s highly likely that William will become the Prince of Wales and his wife Catherine will become the Princess of Wales, a title that his late mother Princess Diana once held.

“It’s hard to see it not happening. I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a bittersweet moment. This is her [Diana’s] son and his wife, so in some ways, it will be coming full circle—but it will also be a poignant reminder of what we all lost,” a source previously told The Telegraph earlier this year.

See who is next in line for the throne after Charles and William.

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