I’m a Chipotle super fan – my easy hack will keep your leftovers fresh and it works for food from other stores too

I’m a Chipotle super fan – my easy hack will keep your leftovers fresh and it works for food from other stores too #Chipotle #super #fan #easy #hack #leftovers #fresh #works #food #stores Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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A CHIPOTLE fan has found the perfect hack to ensure leftover bowls stay fresh.

Brooke Mcgee, known as @brookemcgee_ on TikTok, says keeping the bowl upside down in the fridge is the key to longer-lasting leftovers.

Chipotle bowls stay fresh upside down, one TikToker claims


Chipotle bowls stay fresh upside down, one TikToker claimsCredit: Getty
The hack went viral on TikTok


The hack went viral on TikTokCredit: Getty Images – Getty

In her video, the cover of her Chipotle meal was on the bottom and the cardboard on top.

“All hot girls know to store their leftover Chipotle upside down,” the caption of the video read.

“it prevents the cardboard bowl from getting all soggy!! The lid is recycled aluminum cans so it’s OK to store like this, I promise,” Brooke continued in the comments section of her video.

“@Chipotle pls fact check me,” she wrote.

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The video has been viewed more than 3.8million times, with Chipotle itself even joining in on Brooke’s fun.

“ok thomas edison,” the brand commented.

“Chipotle has entered the chat,” Brooke replied.

Fans raved about the hack in her comments.

“​​This is honestly actually the most useful tik-tok that has ever popped up,” one commenter said.

“wait don’t hype me like this,” Brooke joked back.

“as a chipotle employee ur the smartest person ever,” someone responded.

“As a manager at chipotle, 10/10 idea,” another said.

But several people pointed out that they rarely have leftovers from Chipotle.

“Great tip- too bad I’ve never had chipotle leftovers in my life,” one TikToker wrote.

“all the food-loving girls know not to leave leftover chipotle LMAO,” another person said.

“IDK what leftover chipotle is, can someone pls explain,” said another.

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“It’s a rare occasion for sure,” Brooke wrote.

“Trust me this one was huge I had to save it.”

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