“It did not protect children’s data”

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Roma – Instagram is not covered Minors’ data registered on the platform, allowing their personal information to be visible to third parties and thus violating European data protection laws. It is for this reason that the Irish government became part of the Colossus social network Meta405 million fine, the highest penalty ever for violating it General Data Protection RegulationEU regulation on the protection of personal data announced in 2018.

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The fine follows an Irish government investigation that began two years ago after complaints that Instagram allowed information to be filtered from minors registered on the platform. A “business” account, so information is open by default. According to the social network, it will now have to decide whether to appeal the fine, bypassing disputes, because they consider the settings updated exactly one year ago to better protect the data of minors: now their profiles are automatically set to “Private” mode , which then makes them visible only to authorized profiles.

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The fine, in addition to being the largest ever for breaching European legislation, also represents a new chapter in Ireland’s assault on the meta universe: Colossus was fined €17 million following an investigation into ‘data breach notifications’ last March. previous year 225 million for violating privacy laws on WhatsApp.

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