Kanye West Responds To Queen Elizabeth’s Death, Ends Feuds

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Perhaps more than any other active musician today, Kanye West is often upset with multiple people and entities for various reasons. Now, though, he seems ready to put all that aside following yesterday’s (September 8) death of Queen Elizabeth II, which appears to have moved him.

On Instagram late last night, Ye shared a post. The post has three slides, with the first being white text on a black background. It says, “Life is precious. Releasing all grudges today. Leaning into the light.” The next two slides are photos of a young Queen Elizabeth.

As for those grudges, it’s not clear if West meant yesterday was the day he was releasing them, or if he was releasing them just for the day before returning to beefing shortly after. Whatever the case, his life has been filled with a number of notable feuds lately.

Most recently, he’s been upset with Adidas and Gap over perceived slights. He and Kid Cudi are also beefing at the moment and West’s relationships with his former GOOD Music artists are in various states. Kanye has also taken to relentlessly going after Pete Davidson in recent months, and there seems to be friction with Kim Kardashian going on right now, too.

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