Little People’s Tori Roloff reunites with sister-in-law Audrey for birthday party amid their nasty family feud

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TORI Roloff has reunited with her sister-in-law Audrey amid their ongoing family feud.

The Little People Big World stars have not always seen eye-to-eye on both family and social matters.

Tori and Audrey reunited at a winery


Tori and Audrey reunited at a wineryCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff
The two haven't always been on the best terms


The two haven’t always been on the best termsCredit: TLC
They seemed to put their differences aside for a friend's birthday


They seemed to put their differences aside for a friend’s birthdayCredit: Instagram/@audreyroloff

But Tori, 31, and Audrey, 31, have put their differences aside to grab lunch with friends on Saturday.

The reality stars posed for a group selfie for their friend Destiney’s birthday, smiling as they visited a winery.

Their reunion came as a bit of a shock as the two have been embroiled in a Roloff family feud for years.


Last week, Tori and her husband Zach slammed their rival siblings as fans spotted “hidden shade” in a new post.

Little People's Tori disses sister-in-law Audrey in new post amid family feudLittle People's Tori SNUBS father-in-law Matt in post after feud over family farm

She re-shared a quote from her Story which read: “Making new friends as an adult is hard because the people I’d get along with the best also don’t want to leave their house.”

Tori commented: “Accurate.”

She also re-shared a second post saying: “What do we want? Help!

“When do we want it? Now!

“How do we want it?

“No, not like that… ugh, never mind, I’ll do it.”

She commented: “Also accurate.”


Tori and Audrey’s arguments have been traced back to their differing opinions and beliefs.

The redhead and her hubby Jeremy follow a strict Christian lifestyle and promote conservative viewpoints, whereas Tori and Zach have adopted more liberal stances.

Fans have also speculated that the Roloff farm is at the center of the feud, as twin brothers Jeremy and Zach have wanted to run it after their father retired and stepped down.

Unfortunately, the siblings could not agree with patriarch Matt Roloff, 60, who ended up putting about 16 acres of their family’s plot for sale.

Despite their disagreements, Audrey recently claimed that their living situation is why she and her husband don’t see Zach and Tori often.

Last year, Zach and Tori purchased a home in Battle Ground, Washington, after their offer on the farm fell through, while Audrey and Jeremy reside in Oregon.


Amid the drama with the farmland, fans have slammed Zach and Tori for being petty over not allowing family patriarch Matt to babysit their kids.

During an emotional scene from Little People, Big World, Zach announced the new addition of his son Josiah.

The reality star and Tori share two other children: Lilah, two, and Jackson, five.

Zach said: “We have a third dwarf baby on the way.”

Matt replied: “Confirmed?”

Zach nodded and repeated: “Confirmed.”

Zach’s father jumped at the chance to babysit his grandkids.

He said: “If you’re up for babysitting, I would drive up overnight or whatever.”

In a confessional, Matt revealed: “Before they moved, I would watch the kids a couple of times a week. Have them for overnights.”

Matt concluded: “It’s been a while since they moved up to Battleground. If it happens, I would definitely look forward to it.”

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Unfortunately, Zach appeared upset and realized: “Even though our relationship is in a better spot, I don’t think that’s a realistic option right now.

“We obviously want him in our kids’ lives. But how the relationship was before, I don’t think we’re there.”

Tori and Audrey enjoyed a day out with friends


Tori and Audrey enjoyed a day out with friendsCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff
The Roloffs have been locked in a family feud for some time


The Roloffs have been locked in a family feud for some timeCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

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