Ludacris Reveals ‘Karma’s World’ Toys Celebrating Black Hair

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In celebration of the premiere of the third season of Ludacris‘ Netflix children’s series, Karma’s World, the rapper has partnered with Mattel to launch a series of dolls inspired by the show. The collection will feature dolls modeled after three of the show’s characters, whose namesake is based on Ludacris‘ daughter, Karma.

In an interview with Billboard, Ludacris detailed the process of creating the dolls with Mattell.

“Mattel was so outstanding with their pitch compared to the other toy brands,” Ludacris said. “Mattel blew us away with their presentation and one of the things that took us over the top was they hired someone specifically for Black hair…Myself, Mattel and our resources took so much of our time getting the absolute most authentic feel and look of the hair with premium quality. Even the hair roots are top-notch. When you touch the hair and texture, it will blow you away because of the quality developments within the hair fibers.”

Karma’s World is centered around a young named Karma, who is gifted with outstanding rapping ability. The show also focuses on family dynamics and social justice issues.

“As soon as you have kids,” said Ludacris in an interview with The Root, “you start thinking about the next generation and stop thinking so much about yourself.”

The Karma’s World dolls are available for purchase at Target and Walmart stores.

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