Marvel Just Brought Sabretooth’s Former Partner Back

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Birdy, Sabretooth’s former partner, makes a return in a preview for Marvel’s Marauders #6.

Marauders #6 comes from writer Steve Orlando and artist Andrea Broccardo. In a preview of the issue provided by Marvel, Kate Pryde is speaking with Fabian Cortez and Cassandra Nova about the ongoing events of Judgment Day and how they need to rescue mutants caught up in all the damage. The second half of the preview then brings back Birdy, who further recaps the events of the crossover thus far before declaring she’s “here to help.”

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“I’m Birdy,” the character says. “You’ve heard of combat medics? I’m a combat psychologist. Used to keep Sabretooth calm as a full-time job. That’s my gift. The glow. Empathy. Telepathy. I collate thoughts, feelings and memories to help people. Aurora and I’ve been working together. She thought maybe you could all use some glow. So if we’re ready? I’m stepping in…Who’s first?”

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Created by Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell, Birdy first appeared in 1992’s X-Men #6. She accompanied Sabretooth on a number of missions while using her telepathic powers to create a “glow” that would mute the longtime X-Men villain’s bad thoughts. Birdy was killed by Graydon Creed, Mystique and Sabretooth/Victor Creed’s son, in 1993’s Sabretooth #4 before she was later resurrected on Krakoa. She previously joined the Marauders following an attack by the X-Men Green team in X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #44.

The Marauders Face Judgment Day

Marauders #6 ties into Marvel’s ongoing Judgment Day crossover. The event kicked off with Druig, the current Prime Eternal, launching a plan to kill all the mutants by unleashing a weapon called the Hex onto Krakoa. Simultaneously, Druig also set Thanos’ “grandfather” Uranos loose on Arakko, which Uranos then destroyed in the span of an hour. In order to defeat Druig, Iron Man hatched a plan with a handful of the Eternals and Mister Sinister to create a new Celestial god by awakening Progenitor. Avenger’s Mountain indeed came to life; however, the Celestial declared itself there to “judge” the planet, meaning all of its inhabitants must prove their worthy of life in order to ensure their survival.

The synopsis for Marauders #6 reads, “EVEN ODDS OF DESTRUCTION! The Progenitor has risen! Now he visits each and every one of us, and we’re given a chance to justify our lives. Sounds heavy, right? The Marauders agree! Who proved their right to life? Who failed? And if we survive, just how excited is Orchis for a chance to scapegoat mutants for Earth’s brush with destruction?”

Marauders #6 features cover art by Kael Ngu. Artwork featured in this article comes from Ngu’s Marauders #6 cover and Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer and Frank Martin’s Sabretooth #1 (2022) cover. Marauders #6 goes on sale Sept. 7 from Marvel.

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