Matt & Francesca Live, Woodstock 99, Sobriety

Matt & Francesca Live, Woodstock 99, Sobriety #Matt #Francesca #Live #Woodstock #Sobriety Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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It’s Matt’s sober birthday! That means everyone’s favorite stretched out Semite is 13 years free from intravenous heroin (or any heroin at all!). Congrats, Matt!

To celebrate this glorious day, the Frotcast crew is back under one roof. Matt and his number one wife, Francesca Fiorentini of The Bitchuation Room, along with their number one fetus (yet to be named), join me for a spirited discussion of Netflix’s new Woodstock ’99 documentary that I forced them to watch. We also discuss Love Is Blind, or actually mostly just Buzzfeed’s article about Love Is Blind, and how they’ve managed to make their house style somehow even more obnoxious. Which inspires Matt’s brand new character, Crying Apologetic Buzzfeed writer guy. We finish off with some talk about Matt’s sobriety, impending fatherhood (or recentish fatherhood, in my case), and what makes a healthy relationship.

It’s been a while since we were all actually in the same room together while recording and it was glorious! Do NOT get used to it. We will use podcast magic to recreate these exact vibes.


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