Restarts at four French nuclear power reactors delayed

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Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France
Source – Stefan Kühn, CC SA 3.0.

Four out of twelve nuclear reactors have had their maintenance extended for several weeks due to heavy corrosion.

In May, the French Nuclear Safety Authority detected traces of corrosion on 12 nuclear reactors.

Issues with corrosion on the piping of several reactors, along with a delayed maintenance schedule, have reduced the French nuclear fleet to 30-year lows in 2022 as the rest of Europe scrambles to find new sources of natural gas supplies amid disputes with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

The extension of maintenance at the Cattenom and Penly nuclear power plants is necessary due to the extensive corrosion on certain circuits, says French energy company EDF, according to Al Mayadeen.English.

However, energy output in 2022 will remain at the level of 280-300 terawatt hour, as announced previously.

Currently, 32 out of 56 French nuclear reactors remain shut due to different reasons as Europe struggles with soaring energy prices, record drought, and abnormal heat.

A critical time in European Union history

The decision to fix the reactors comes at a critical time in the EU’s history. On July 26, the member states reached an agreement for a voluntary reduction of gas demand by 15 percent this winter.

After Russia launched a military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine and the imposition of several sanctions packages against Moscow, the energy situation deteriorated considerably, prompting EU countries to search for alternatives to Russian energy supplies.

So far, efforts to find alternatives for Russian natural gas have not gone well. On August 8, according to Lukas Ievenkotten, head of the German Renters’ Association, it was reported that millions of German lower-income households will find it hard to pay their energy bills this winter amid a sharp rise in gas prices,

Not only that, but despite the imposing of severe restrictions on Russia and some nation-members have recently launched a campaign to ban Russians from entering the Schengen zone, it seems that Russia and its economy have been defying the odds.

In February 2022 President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to build six new reactors and consider building a further eight. The President highlighted the need to increase electricity supply by “up to 60%” as the country attempts to reduce consumption of oil and gas over the next 30 years. Macron stated: 

As a result of the 1974 decision, France now claims a substantial level of energy independence and below-average electricity costs in Europe. It also has an extremely low level of carbon dioxide emissions per capita from electricity generation, since over 80 percent of its electricity is from nuclear or hydro.

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