Seine et Marne. Ireland at the party

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Written by Ouisa Bouheddi
Published by Aug 26 22 7:00 PM

Republic of Seine-et-Marne

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Irish Festival at Chateau-Landon ©C. Bachelor

A few days before the start of the school year, Château-Landon (Seine-et-Marne) has a “” The Great Irish Party “. History to discover the Emerald Isle, so green and warm. Also, on the weekend of August 27 and August 28, the Tabardory Park It will be decorated with three colors – green, white and orange. The highlight of the two days will be the presence of a three-masted boat to play the vertigo-defying sailor. With its structure and 12m tall masts created by a Norman company, the ship will allow the more adventurous to climb to the top of the masts and descend via the same path or zip line as previous lookouts. 150 meters! Cold guaranteed.

“This weekend, we’re expecting 600 to 1,000 visitors.”

François Duvergne is responsible for organizing this event

Ireland’s Day isn’t just for seaside folk, traditional stories (at the library, near the town hall), wooden games, skittles or hoops, fish and crisps, delicious Irish stew, prepared Caterer Mairet de Mocpoix, and, of course, to the music. You only have to spend a few evenings in Irish pubs to know that a party is never complete without the sound of guitar, fiddle and piper (Irish bagpipes). Six musicians in the Saturday evening ensemble Airs of Nothing Dancers can be conquered till 11 pm. “This weekend, we count between 600 and 1000 visitors”, expects François Duvergne, who is in charge of the organization of this event within the festival committee.

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