Sharon Stone Got Dumped By Younger Man For Not Getting Botox

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Sharon Stone learned the hard way what Hollywood does to women as they age: It ignores them. Sure enough, after becoming one of the biggest stars of the ’90s, she was used up and tossed as she entered middle age. Perhaps that gave her tough (or at least tougher) skin, because now she doesn’t take crap from anyone. In the last few years alone, she’s slammed anti-vaxxers like Joe Rogan, demanded all-vaxxed sets, even called out the producers of her breakthrough smash, Basic Instinct. And that extends to garbage boyfriends, too.

In a cover story for Vogue Arabia (as caught by Page Six), the legendary actress confessed that she let a relationship with a younger boyfriend die after he told her to get Botox and she refused.

“It would probably be really good for your ego and mine if I did,” she recalled telling him. “I saw him one more time after that and then he wasn’t interested in seeing me anymore.” But it seems the feeling was mutual. “If you don’t see me for more than that, you’ll please find your way to the exit.”

As it happens, Stone has a deeply unpleasant history with plastic surgery and injectables. “There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff, and then I had this massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage and I had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make the one side of my face come up again,” she explained. Having been near death caused her go from seeing Botox as a “cute luxury to some kind of massive, painful neurological need.”

Instead, Stone learned to revel in aging, even going viral earlier this summer by posting a semi-*** pic of herself by a pool. “I posted it because I feel like women become invisible once we become moms and you’re 45 and people walk by you like you’re not there,” she told Vogue Arabia. She added that “life doesn’t always make you feel like a winner as you grow older.”

(Via Page Six)

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