Sunday Funday Moment: El Paso teen’s artwork featured in Olivia Rodrigo’s Instagram

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EL PASO, Texas– One El Paso teen was surprised to see her most recent art work featured in an ad on her favorite singers Instagram page.

“Olivia Rodrigo has a really big influence on me and she’s just an amazing person and she’s definitely one of my idols,” said incoming El Paso high school freshman Leah Monsivais has been an Olivia Rodrigo fan since her days as a Disney channel actress.

“And then when she released Drivers License I loved the song and I was super excited for her album and I listened to her album the first day it came out and I loved it,” said Leah.

This past spring, she was able to see her idol live in concert.

“It was a really amazing experience we were in the pit so we were super close to her we waited 12 hours and it was super worth it,” said Leah.

Before she made her way to the concert she decided to put her love for art to use and create a special portrait for her idol.

“I really love art and I always have and drawing is just how I express myself,” said Leah. “Her music has this feeling that makes me want to draw and I knew that when I was going to her concert I wanted to make her something.”

Leah took the portrait with her to the concert and was able to give it to a security guard who said he would make sure Olivia got the art work.

“I had a feeling she might get it but I wasnt 100 percent sure,” said Leah.

Weeks later, she would be scrolling through social media and to her surprise, her art work would pop up in an ad on Olivia Rodrigo’s page.

“I went on her instagram story and saw it in the back and I felt super excited,” said Leah.

Seeing that Olivia did receive her artwork made Leah feel proud and she has some motivating words for others who dream of one day meeting their idols.

“That you should never give up and no dream is too big because never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Olivia Rodrigo getting one of my art work,” said Leah.

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