‘The Boys’ Star Erin Moriarty Opens Up on Sexist Online Trolls

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“I do feel paralyzed,” Moriarty said of misogynistic fan criticisms of her appearance on the Amazon Prime Video superhero series.

Erin Moriarty has no time for sexist “Boys.”

“The Boys” breakout actress, who plays Starlight on the hit Prime Video superhero series, revealed that some viewers seem to miss the satire of the series, which is rooted in misogyny and abuse.

“I do feel silenced. I do feel dehumanized. I do feel paralyzed,” Moriarty wrote on Instagram while reposting a Medium article written by a “Boys” enthusiast with the username Butcherscanary. The piece, titled “#IStandWithStarlight?: The Betrayal of Erin Moriarty by The Boys ‘fans,’” cited the comments sections on Moriarty’s social media pages for perpetuating toxic masculinity.

Moriarty confirmed that she has received backlash to her appearance on the series, with Butcherscanary writing that Moriarty and other “The Boys” actresses like Aya Cash and Karen Fukuhara have endured “unsolicited commentary” on their attractiveness.

“I’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into this role (over & over & over again),” Moriarty continued. “I’ve grown UP in this character’s shoes (*emphasis on grown up — we change & evolve mentally AND physically).”



Moriarty added, ” So with that I say: a) thank you to @butcherscanary b) this does break my heart – I’ve opened up a vein for this role and this kind of trolling is exactly what this role (Annie) would speak out against and c) everyone’s going through their own battle(s); let’s not add to that. I will never intentionally (and ESPECIALLY) publicly add to yours. This has only strengthened my empathy muscle and to anyone who comes at me: I see you, I don’t hate you, I only empathize and forgive.”

The Medium post wrote in part of Moriarty, “Why are pictures of her from Season One and now being crassly compared, when people naturally change after five years? Why is she being infantilized when she’s a grown woman, entitled to do with her body what she wishes? Why is she not simply allowed to exist? Whilst I’m sure her male colleagues have endured unjust criticism, the obsession with her looks and the extent of objectification is unmatched.”

“The Boys” co-stars Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, Chace Crawford, Nathan Mitchell, and Colby Minifie showed their support for Moriarty on Instagram.

“Love you, Erin. We’re all here for you,” Quaid penned. “You’re such an incredible, talented force of nature and I consider myself incredibly lucky to know you. Keep shining bright. Leave the trolls to us. We got your back.”

Starr wrote, “Support you and what you say here 100%. Well put. Your work on the show is and always has been stellar and you are beautiful inside and out. Keep shining.”

Moriarty previously spoke out about how the series is “addressing toxic masculinity” in the relationship between Starlight and Hughie (Quaid) with discussions about how her superhero powers emasculate him to a certain degree.

“I think that it reflects the fact that people can be paradoxical and contradict themselves and be really complicated,” Moriarty told Entertainment Weekly ahead of Season 3. “I think the most important thing is that someone who is unambiguously good — and that is Hughie — can experience toxic masculinity. It doesn’t make him a bad person as long as he is able to eventually self-assess, step out of it, and learn from it, which he does.”

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