The stroke was live on TV and the journalist was saved by his colleagues

The stroke was live on TV and the journalist was saved by his colleagues #stroke #live #journalist #saved #colleagues Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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A live stroke. Oklahoma TV reporter Julie Chin suffered a stroke while hosting an edition of the news. The performer suddenly found it difficult to pronounce words and felt a problem with one eye and one hand. She apologized repeatedly to viewers and, with difficulty, gave the line to the weatherman. Her colleagues in the studio and editorial office realized what was happening and called 911: the journalist was taken to the hospital and immediately underwent several tests.

“Doctors believe he had the beginnings of a stroke. Some of you saw it firsthand. Sorry, it happened. The episode happened suddenly, it happened out of nowhere. I felt great before the broadcast. Then, during TG, it all started. First, he lost vision in one eye partially. Then My hand and arm fell asleep. When I could no longer pronounce the words written on the teleprompter in front of me, I realized I was in big trouble,” Chin’s story on Facebook. Thanks to colleagues who immediately understood the gravity of the situation: “I’ve always said that I work with the best team, this is one more reason” to think so. “I am happy to inform you that the tests went very well: the doctors think it is the beginning of a stroke, not a total stroke. Conditions”.

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