Tragedy in Italy as British man killed and six others hurt

Tragedy in Italy as British man killed and six others hurt #Tragedy #Italy #British #man #killed #hurt Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The tragedy occurred at approximately 8:40.PM on Sunday, July 31, near Porto Cervo in Italy’s Sardinia, according to Tag43.

The yacht named “Amore” was carrying seven people. It is thought the “Amore” swerved to avoid another boat and landed on the rocks.

Boats nearby immediately alerted coastguards who arrived to find the Briton alive but unconscious.

A passing Maltese yacht volunteered to take him back to shore but sadly the 63-year-old Brit died in transit.

Coast guards transported the rest of the wounded back to Porto Cervo, where two of them were taken to hospital in serious condition.

The 70ft yacht was towed off rocks by coastguard vessels and impounded while an investigation is carried out.

Coast guards have also sealed off the area where the crash happened until the investigation is completed.

One theory is the boat that ran aground was trying frantically to steer out of the way of another which didn’t have right of way and she ended up on the rocks.

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