Two injured as tourist-packed Egyptian hot air balloon CRASHES with another 200ft up near Luxor as rides are suspended

Two injured as tourist-packed Egyptian hot air balloon CRASHES with another 200ft up near Luxor as rides are suspended #injured #touristpacked #Egyptian #hot #air #balloon #CRASHES #200ft #Luxor #rides #suspended Welcome to Viasildes, here is the new story we have for you today:

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THIS is the terrifying moment a hot air balloon packed with tourists crashes with another one in mid-air leaving two people injured.

Dramatic footage filmed in the city of Luxor, Egypt, shows the hot air balloon falling from 200ft and crashing to the ground.

The collision happened at the city of Luxor


The collision happened at the city of LuxorCredit: Al-Arabiya
Two tourists have been left injured


Two tourists have been left injuredCredit: Al-Arabiya

Dozens of people can be seen rushing to help the tourists who were inside.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the aircraft was carrying 28 tourists.

Two of them were injured following the collision and were taken to hospital while authorities suspended rides in the city.

The statement said the ministry decided to “suspend the activity of balloon flights until a committee from the Civil Aviation Authority arrives today, Monday, to investigate the incident.”

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The statement, obtained by Sky News Arabia read: “After a group of balloons took off and reached a height of approximately 60 meters, where the wind speed was about 7 knots at this height, one of the balloons deviated in the direction of another balloon, which led to a cut in the balloon.”

Meanwhile, Abu Baker Ezzeldin, a spokesman for the firm operating the balloon rides, said the reason the balloon drifted off its course was a change in the direction and speed of winds.

He added that the balloon collided with another one before landing.

Hot air ballooning in Luxor is popular among tourists as it offers stunning views of the ancient temples.

However, accidents are not uncommon with the deadliest being in 2013 which left 19 tourists dead.

Earlier this month passengers filmed the incredible moment their flight narrowly dodged a drifting balloon as they were about to land in Brazil.

And a hot air balloon crash in Burlington, Wisconsin left three of its passengers seriously hurt after it bounced off of a building and crashed into a train.

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