Watch the animated video for Less Than Jake’s new single ‘Fat Mike’s On Drugs (Again)’

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Less Than Jake have shared an animated music video for their latest single, ‘Fat Mike’s On Drugs (Again)’, in which they playfully make fun of the titular NOFX frontman.

The video is interwoven with live shots of the ska-punk legends performing, while their animated counterparts – created by Punchline’s Chris Fafalios – provide a storyboard for Fat Mike’s past drug-fuelled antics.

In the single itself – released last Friday (July 15) – Less Than Jake detail those antics further with bold brass licks and upfront lyrics: “He musta been on drugs / When he fired the Floridian / He musta been on drugs / When he wore a pink rubber dress.”

Watch the video for ‘Fat Mike’s On Drugs (Again)’ below:

“Just having fun with it!” Less Than Jake wrote in the video’s description. “Fat Mike is a great friend and we are all fans of NOFX. This song came together over a few jam sessions and we recorded it without too much over thinking. Hopefully, everyone finds the humour in this track and remember kids, don’t do drugs!”

Fat Mike – real name Michael Burkett – has in fact been sober since October 2021, having struggled with substance abuse on-and-off for decades prior.

Hey Hey, looks like “Fat Mike is on Drugs (Again)”. Check out our new song about our good friend streaming everywhere and pre-order a limited edition 7″ flexi and tee.

— Less Than Jake (@LessThanJake) July 14, 2022

The track comes as Less Than Jake’s second taste of new music since the release of their ninth studio album, ‘Silver Linings’. Dropping back in 2020, ‘Silver Linings’ served as the outfit’s long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s ‘See The Light’.

Less Than Jake are currently out on the road in the US – having swept through the UK and Ireland earlier this year – on their ‘Back For The Attack’ tour, marking their 30th anniversary as a band.

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