What do British people call cigarettes?

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CULTURAL differences in each and every country across the globe is what makes it so extraordinary and unique.

Despite sharing a language, the UK and US both have differing dialects and phrases to keep up with – even for smoking.

Brits often refer to cigarettes as fags


Brits often refer to cigarettes as fagsCredit: PA:Press Association

What do British people call cigarettes?

Across the pond, Brits people have come up with a few nifty nicknames to refer to cigarettes.

For pace and simplicity, people dropped the ten-letter word for “fags” instead.

The term has become problematic in recent years due to it being the same as a homophobic slur, despite them having no correlation.

Why are cigarettes called fags?

Ciggies, darts, durries, rollies, smokes, butts, cancer sticks – but why ***?

For most of the 20th century in the UK, people routinely referred to their tobacco as a ***.

Some speculate the phrase was coined because cigarettes were formerly made with a thin layer of cork covering the filter to prevent lips sticking to the paper.

But companies soon scrapped the expensive cork and used paper that resembled it instead, seeing them branded “fakes”.

Brits are then said to have slowly changed to saying “fags”.

Others point out that in British English, a bundle of sticks is called a ***.

Due to this, a cigarette – being a bundle of tobacco – adopted the same name before it was shortened to ***.

What are the smoking laws in the UK?

It was announced on November 30, 2006, that England and Wales would ban smoking indoors in a move that was heralded as “a huge step forward for public health”.

The ban made it illegal to smoke in all enclosed spaces in England including cafes, clubs, pubs, restaurants and shopping centres.

It is still legal to smoke outside however for some businesses there are designated areas for smokers.

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Restaurants can decide whether to have a smoke-free section or to allow smoking on their premises.

Prisons have also been slowly transitioning to “smoke-free” since the smoke ban in 2006.

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